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Custom Pork

Whole or half pork orders for a July butcher date!

Hogs are Hampshire/Yorkshire cross, finished on only corn from a single producer, totally non-hormone, and should yield about 125 pounds of ready-to-cook pork!

After order and deposit is placed, we will be sending links to your custom cut sheet via email, so please ensure you enter it in correctly for your order! With the custom sheet, you can select all your preferred cuts and curing/smoking requests.

Cut sheet link will be sent out about 10 days prior to butcher date.

Whole Pork price: $2.95/lb hanging weight

Half Pork price: $3.25/lb hanging weight

Hanging weight price listed does not include butcher fees.

Estimated total cost *Not including smoking, curing, or seasoning costs*:

Half: $400-$450

Whole: $750-$800 

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