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American Wagyu

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Wagyu Beef is know across the world for it's extreme marbling which gives it a tender, melt in your mouth experience. Our American Wagyu will be ready for pickup in Spring of 2024.

$200 is a non-refundable deposit that reserves your order. The deposit will be removed from your total at pick up. Final amount due is based on the hanging weight of the beef.

What to expect in your boxes: For custom whole and half beef orders: The amount of each cut varies by what you select in your cut sheet! Depending on selected cuts you should expect a minimum of 50% ground beef (if you get all possible roasts and steaks) or a maximum of 75% ground beef (if you get only the tasty steaks and turn all else into ground).


Quarter: $5.75/lb hanging weight 

Half: $5.50/lb hanging weight 

Whole: $5.25/lb hanging weight 

*Plus $1.10/lb on the hanging weight and a $110 butcher fee per whole ($55 for half, $27.50 for quarter). 

Hanging weight price listed does not include butcher fees.

Estimated total cost:

Quarter: $1500-$1800

Half: $3000-$3400

Whole: $5500-$5900


All orders have 2 steaks per package and 2lb ground beef packages. 

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