Fire Up The Stovetop!

Burger made on stovetop

Don’t get us wrong— we love burgers on the grill.

But as the weather gets cooler, we’re more likely to grab our cast iron and keep warm inside.

A great benefit to using a cast iron skillet to cook ground beef is it allows you cook the beef in it’s own fat. This makes for a juicy delicious hamburger with lots of flavor!

There are lots of hamburger recipes out there, but with our naturally raised beef, we keep it pretty simple in our kitchen.

Here’s what to do:
Heat the skillet over medium/high heat and one teaspoon of butter to a cast iron skillet. Wait until the butter starts to foam and bubble, and then toss in some patties (prepped with your favorite seasoning of course!)

Cooking time depends on the thickness and doneness level you’re looking for. Cook about 3 minutes on one side without moving the patty. Then flip the patty and cook for 3 more minutes.

Then just add your favorite toppings and bun. Enjoy!