First Time Ordering in Bulk?

Steaks in a half beef laid out on a table

All of the terminology and cost explained!

Ordering a Whole, Half, or Quarter Beef from your local rancher is the best way to get high quality, dry-aged beef, all while supporting small farms and ranches! We get a lot of questions from first time customers, and want to address them here so you can be confident when making your very first beef order with us.

Our prices are based on the hanging weight, meaning the weight of the carcass still including trim and bones! This price doesn’t include the cost for the butcher, but all costs will be delineated out on your final invoice. 

Final invoice is all paid in one stop when you pick up your beef or pork!

Pork Price Per Pound Hanging Weight:

 Half price:


Whole price:


Beef Price Per Pound Hanging Weight:

Quarter price:

$4.25/pound Grain finished

Half prices:

$4.00/pound Grain finished

$4.50/pound Grass finished

Whole prices:

$3.75/pound Grain finished

$4.25/pound Grass finished

Estimated Final Cost (Weight is variable for each animal)

*Grain Finished Beef tends to be larger than Grass Finished Beef, and Grain-Finished is highly recommended for flavor and tenderness*

Quarter prices:

Grain finished – Approx. $1,075

Half prices:

Grain finished – Approx. $2,050

Grass finished – Approx. $1,975

Whole prices:

Grain finished – Approx. $3,900

Grass finished – Approx. $3,775

Quick Rundown of the Process:

Decide your size (quarter, half, or whole).

Decide grass or grain-finished beef (grain-finished is highly recommended).

Select your cut sheet for quarter, half, and whole orders.

Your cut sheet determines what cuts of meat you will receive.

*Please note curing/smoking, sausage seasoning, etc., will be an additional cost and will be added into your total butcher cost. 

-Place your $200 deposit that goes towards your total cost.

-We schedule your beef to be processed in our butcher shop.

-We will send you an email when your beef is in the aging process, this will most likely be in the estimated month that is listed on the website!

Once at the butcher shop, your meat gets dry aged for 10-14 days, then gets cut, packaged, and frozen. This whole process, on average, takes 2-4 weeks.

What to expect in your boxes: The amount of each cut varies by what you select in your cut sheet! Depending on selected cuts you should expect a minimum of 50% ground beef (if you get all possible roasts and steaks) or a maximum of 80% ground beef (if you get only the tasty steaks and turn all else into ground).

Pay the remaining total and pick up your meat at our store when you get the email telling you it is ready!

North Location: 3940a Gardenspot Rd, Loon Lake, WA 99148

Columbia Basin: 133 N Columbia Ave, Connell, WA 99330