Purchase Individual Cuts

Lone Crow Meat Market

Visit western-themed retail shop, where you and your family can come in to pick up meat. We have all sorts of frozen cuts available from steak, stew meat, ground beef, beef sticks, and so much more!


Thursday & Friday - 12pm-6pm
Saturday - 10am-4pm

New Location:
3940 Gardenspot Rd, Loon Lake, WA 99148



Full Menu:

Ground Beef | $6.49/LB

Stew Meat | $6.49/LB

Short Ribs | $6.99/LB

Brisket | $7.99/LB

Flank Steak | $8.99/LB

Skirt Steak | $8.99/LB

Sirloin Tip Steak | $8.99/LB

Denver Steak | $9.99/LB

Hanging Tender | $9.99/LB

Tri Tip Steak | $9.99/LB

Top Sirloin | $10.99/LB

T-Bone Steak | $15.99/LB

Rib-Eye Steak | $15.99/LB (when available)

New York Steak | $15.99/LB (when available)

Porterhouse Steak | $17.99/LB (when available)

Tomahawk | $17.99/LB

Tenderloin | $20.99/LB


Jalapeno Cheddar Sticks | $7.99 Per Pack

Teriyaki Sticks | $7.99 Per Pack

Bratwurst | $8.99 Per Pack

Italian Sausages | $8.99 Per Pack


Kidney, Heart | $1.99/LB

Soup Bones| $2.99/LB

Tongue (lengua) | $4.99/LB


*Not all cuts are always available*

We are a small ranch and we try our best to keep a variety of beef in our freezers! Please email or call us if you're looking to see if we have a specific cut in stock.