Our Angus Meat Menu

Ground Beef | $7.49/LB

London Broil | $8.99/LB

Stew Meat | $7.99/LB

Short Ribs | $8.99/LB

Brisket | $8.49/LB

Flank Steak | $10.99/LB

Skirt Steak | $9.99/LB

Sirloin Tip Steak | $9.99/LB

Denver Steak | $11.99/LB

Hanging Tender | $15.99/LB

Tri Tip Steak | $12.99/LB

Top Sirloin | $12.99/LB

T-Bone Steak | $19.99/LB

Rib-Eye Steak | $20.99/LB (when available)

New York Steak | $18.99/LB

Porterhouse Steak | $20.99/LB (when available)

Tomahawk | $21.99/LB

Tenderloin | $24.99/LB

Chuck Eye Steak | $11.99/LB

Chuck Roast | $8.99/LB

Liver, Heart, Kidney | $3.99/LB

Tongue (lengua), Oxtail | $5.99/LB

If you're looking for a specific cut, please call or email to make sure we have it in stock before you come! We try our best to keep a variety of beef in our freezers!

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