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Deluxe Ranchers Box

Our Deluxe Ranchers Box is the perfect selection of premium quality steaks for the steak lover. This 10lb box contains T-Bone, Ribeye, New York Strip, Top Sirloin, Cap Steak, and Wagyu Ground Beef. Enjoy the delicious, juicy steaks you or your family crave.

Box Includes:

2-3lbs T-Bone Steak

2-3lbs Ribeye Steak

15-18oz New York Strip Steak

11-12oz Top Sirloin 

7-12oz Cap Steak

2lbs Wagyu Ground Beef 

*Purchased boxes will ship out the Monday after placing your order. Limited shipping area to preserve quality.

 *All items are packed frozen and shipped with dry ice. 

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