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Dingle Pup: Raw Organ Blend (10 pound box)

Dingle Pup Raw Organ Blend is is a simple superfood treat for your best furry friends. Comprised of Beef Liver (40%*), Lung (25%*), Heart (25%*), and Kidney (10%*), it's full of protein and nutrients that they will love.

-*These are approximations based on weight, not exact percentages.*

    -This package consists of 10 pounds, packed individually in 1 pound packages.

      -We grind this blend fresh every week, after you place your order we will notify you when  your box will be available for pick up! Once store hours are open consistently, we will maintain stock in both store locations. For local pick up only!

      Please note- this is not suitable to be 100% of a dog's diet! Organs meats are super dense in vitamins and minerals, and in general are recommended to be fed as 10-25% of your dog's diet. Make sure to check with you pet's veterinarian if you have any questions or concerns about whether this organ mix will be healthy for them.

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