Our Story

Lone Crow Ranch is the end product of a wild dream I had when I was barely out of my teens. At 18, I took a leap of faith, sold my car, and invested in five steers. Fast forward a decade, and here we are, still kicking and slinging meat, with a whole bunch of happy cows in tow. With me, Jen, and our boy Wyatt, we've turned this ranch into a family affair that's as gritty as it is rewarding.

Cody standing with their dog Dingus
Jen with dogs Dingus and Aja
Cody and Jen with their son Wyatt in Connell meat processing facility
Support Local Farmers

Our Family to Yours

We're not into fancy slogans or corporate jargon. We're just a bunch of local folks busting our asses to bring you the best damn meat you've ever tasted. Being local matters to us because it's where we come from and who we serve. From Washington to Idaho and beyond, we're honored to help feed your family. Our roots run deep, and so does our commitment to our community.

ONLY Quality.

We don't cut corners or compromise on quality. Every step of the way, we're hands-on, from calf births to completion of your order. Our cows? They eat better than we do, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We're not just raising cattle; we're setting the bar for locally-sourced, top-notch meat. 

Cows grazing in pasture
Cows getting fed