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Why us? We're Glad you Asked.


We're not some big, soulless, factory-farming corporation. We're a bunch of hardworking, first-gen farmers who put our blood, sweat, and tears into this ranch—literally. I sold my car to kickstart this crazy dream when I was just 18 with five steers and a whole lot of hope. Fast forward, and here we are, still kicking, with a whole herd of happy cows, providing high-quality wholesale pork and beef.

Jen and Cody hugging next to their dog Dingus at Loon Lake location

Our Cows Eat Better Than We Do.

We go beyond grass-fed to give you the best bulk meat. Our cattle are pampered with a diet formulated by a certified nutritionist to ensure unbeatable tenderness and marbling. Each meal is meticulously analyzed to make sure our cows stay happy, healthy, and tasty. 

Prime Cuts, Every Time.

From the day the calf is born to the day you pick up your order, we've got our  hands on every step of the process. Most other companies ship off their prime cuts and leave you with the scraps. Not us! We're here to make sure you get the best of the best, every time.

Browse Bulk Meats

Once you've breezed through our streamlined order process and savored the unmatched quality of our wholesale beef and pork, there's no turning back to store-bought options.

I'm Ready to BUY BULK MEATS But...


Illustration of cut list
Step 1

Cut Sheet

Ready to buy? Get ready to call the shots! Fill out our fully customizable cut sheet to tell us exactly how you want your meat – from thick steaks to juicy roasts, it's all up to you!

Need help filling out your order sheet? Call us at (509) 821-0442.

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Step 2


Show us you're serious! Put down a deposit to lock in your order and secure your spot on the meat train. We'll make sure your meat is reserved just for you. All deposits go toward your final cost.

We guarantee that you'll receive at least 60% of the hanging weight in your box when you purchase Angus beef or pork. Pinky promise.

Illustration of cleaver
Step 3


It's go time! Our crew dives into action, preparing your chosen cuts with care and precision. We trim, slice, and package your meat as if it were going into our own freezer.

Speaking of freezers, check out our guide to see how different order options will fit in your freezer. 

Illustration of butcher
Step 4


Time to heat up the grill! We'll let you know when your order is ready, so you can swing by and pick it up in-store.

See both of our pickup locations here.


Whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping or the hands-on experience of visiting our stores, we've got you covered for all your meat needs!