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    From the pasture to your plate...
  • Cut Out The Middle Man- Order Local Beef

    Did you know that the average ground beef you buy at the grocery store can contain beef from hundreds of cattle? We'll guide you through the sim...
  • Delicious Carne Asada

    We partnered with to bring you this delicious recipe using Lone Crow Skirt Steak.


  • First Time Ordering in Bulk?

    All of the terminology and cost explained...
  • Top Sirloin Steak

    Naturally lean yet flavorful cut that is juicy and tender.

  • Grass or Grain Finished?

    Our input on the million dollar question...

  • Bulk Order Freezer Size Guide

    Review the guide below to get an idea of the size of freezer you will need to store your bulk beef order.   ...
  • Our Most Popular Product

    What Do You Receive in a Half Beef Order?

    Our Simple Cast Iron Burger Recipe
    Don’t get us wrong— we love burgers on the grill. But as the weather gets cooler, we’re more likely to grab our cast iron and keep warm inside