Learn How Our Cattle Are Raised

Learn How Our Cattle Are Raised

100% American Beef

  • All of our cattle are raised in Chattaroy, WA.
  • They graze on local pasture land and are fed locally sourced, all natural hay and grain with no added growth hormones.
  • We are assisted by a qualified animal nutritionist to assure the beef is as healthy as can be.
  • All of the ground beef that comes in a single pack is from a single carcass.
  • We will always be transparent with our customers so you can be confident and informed about the beef you feed your family.


What We Feed Our Cattle

About Our Grain-Fed Cattle:

Contrary to popular belief, pasture-raised, grain-fed cows from well-managed farms still live healthy and enjoyable lives. Here is the feeding schedule at our ranch:

Phase 1 - Weaned Calves (400-600 pounds):
Our weaned calves are given Non-GMO quality hay, or head out to pasture to kick-start their digestive system and make sure their gut is healthy. They also get vitamins and minerals in tubs and then we start to add a small amount of Non-GMO barley once their digestive system can handle it.

Phase 2 - Growing Ration (about 600 pounds):
Once the cattle are 600 pounds, we move them to a “growing” ration. This is where we slowly incorporate more Non-GMO barley with their hay to help them grow. Our cattle are NEVER given added growth hormones, only locally sourced, Non-GMO feed.

Phase 3 - Finishing Ration (about 900 pounds):
At 900 pounds they are moved to a finishing ration. This is where we increase the barley in their feed even more. They still get the hay they need for their digestive system but adding the barley gives them more marbling that most of our customers are looking for.

About Our Grass Fed Cattle:

After the calves are weaned, grass-fed cattle graze on grass at pasture. During the winter, they are fed high-quality, Non-GMO, locally sourced hay.

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